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Probably we, two consultant of ITU-D, were the first experts went to Afghanistan to promote their Spectrum Management in year 2000. At that time we provided them several executive regulations on spectrum management, spectrum pricing, spectrum monitoring, table of national frequency allocations and also a simple data entry software. Even though, it was happened 13 years, I am sure that they are still suffering from less number of experts in spectrum management and insufficient expertise. Since I am familiar with the regulations, culture and capability of this country, my suggestion is that not to give a complicated software that is more than need of a elementary spectrum management system. Otherwise they might not be able to use it efficiently. Instead, it is better to find a local company to develop a well-tailored spectrum management system. Maintenance of a local-developed tool is much more easier than asking a foreign company/group to do it. By this, the internal capacity of Afghanistan would be raised gradually to develop more advanced ASMS.