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Last week, I tuned into C-Span to see for myself what Congress was doing, or not doing. I can see both sides, yet the compelling argument for me was with the position to put a clean continuing resolution to a vote in the House, and to negotiate changes to legislated laws OUTSIDE the framework of a shut down. I too am ashamed and embarrassed that some of our leaders, elected to serve our nation, would allow their country and it's citizens to be damaged in so many ways. I doubt there are few who foresee the exponentially escalating damaging consequences, to our economy, and domestic and international confidence in our leader's ability to run a government. News coverage has demonstrated there are complex relationships between the many functions our government provides, the welfare of the American people, and our economy. It's now evident to me that even a small, partial unplanned and/or unexpected shut down of government has unanticipated consequences, some irrecoverable and some long-term.
Each side has its agenda, and hanging in the balance are personal hardships/devastation unfolding on a daily basis, and hourly fractional loss of domestic economic growth affecting us collectively. Perhaps the Democrats are willing to gamble that Republicans will keep their blinders on long enough so it leads to their consequential decimation in future elections.
On the plus side, perhaps the shut down will give us all a better appreciation for the services our government provides that perhaps many of us have come to take for granted, and an understanding how fragile, complex and inter-dependent each part of our government is to other parts. It's a big machine, never designed to stop abrubtly without breaking down, and we're watching people we empowered throw rocks and sticks into it ... and gambling on what happens.