Business Model for an Interoperable World

June 17, 2013

In one of the latest additions to the SIGNAL Online Resource Library, RTI, a real-time infrastructure software company, shares its expertise about achieving interoperability in the realm of licensing and pricing policies for key system software. The white paper describes a new infrastructure community model that facilitates the development, integration and evolution of fully interoperable systems.

The ability to share information and services seamlessly with other systems results in numerous benefits, including the reduced costs to develop and maintain systems over time. While the technical hurdles of interoperability are being overcome, little attention has been paid to the ability for teams across projects and programs to collaborate to develop shared infrastructures and data models.

RFI’s Infrastructure Community initiative addresses the business side of interoperability by completely overhauling the licensing and pricing model for its Connext Data Distribution Service (DDS). The white paper, available for free download on SIGNAL Online, describes the DDS software, which is available under an Open Community Source license.

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