Silvus Technologies to Research Beamforming Antenna Technology

September 16, 2013
George I. Seffers
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Silvus Technologies Inc., Los Angeles, Calif., has been awarded an small business incentive research Phase II contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory to design and build a digital beamforming antenna array for airborne applications. This contract award is a result of a successful Phase I feasibility study that Silvus Technologies conducted under small business incentive research topic # AF131-038. The total dollar amount of the award including Phase I and Phase II is $900,000. Under this two-year contract, Silvus Technologies will build a digital beamforming antenna array for airborne and ground applications and demonstrate electronic tracking of multiple simultaneous transmit and receive beams to and from airborne assets and the ability to adaptively null out interferers. This program lays the foundation for a low size, weight, power and cooling directional antenna technology that can be mounted on small, unmanned aerial vehicles.

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