New Products

January 15, 2008

Tactical CommunicationsBridge
Establishing and maintaining an ad hoc communications network in rugged environments can challenge warfighters and first responders. The TCB-406 is a radio interoperability package consisting of a 10-port interoperability interface, integrated radios and an antenna system in a manportable case. Designed to be set up and operational within minutes, it includes a color liquid crystal display touchscreen, console dispatch operational interface, voice over Internet protocol streaming audio and network-based offsite control. For more information, visit

Tantalum Capacitor
Embedded systems must be able to operate continuously for years without failure. This line of tantalum capacitors is designed for use in embedded control systems for industrial, defense, aerospace and telecommunications applications. For more information, visit

Slim Industrial Ethernet Modem
Sometimes managers and administrators require remote access to data. The Remote Access Switch combines an industrial telephone modem with an industrial 5-port modem. The device features secure dial-in connections, point-to-point capability for dial-up connections and automatic dial-out on a trigger input. Connection speeds are up to 56 kilobits per second. For more information, visit

Secure Access System
Maintaining and managing secure access for government and commercial computer networks can be difficult with multiple users at varying security and access levels. The Gatekeeper software appliance allows administrators to create and enforce restrictive access policies for privileged technical users. It also tracks user activities and events in real time. For more information, visit

High-Fidelity Headphones
A good set of headphones can bring out the details in incoming communications or recorded music. The JVC HA-S900 lightweight, foldable headphone offers high fidelity through the use of a carbon compound diaphragm mated to a ported ring that controls the diaphragm’s movement to provide greater detail across a wide frequency range. It includes sound-insulating ear pads to block out ambient noise. For more information, visit

Uninterruptible Power Supply
Keeping equipment running during a power failure is vital for mission-critical military and civilian systems. The PRO-E series of uninterruptible power system supplies are compact devices designed for use above a desktop or under a console. The unit is designed to protect digital video recorders, access control workstations and data communications systems. It features a built-in double boost and single buck automatic voltage regulator function that compensates for a broad range of low alternating current (AC) voltage situations as well as high AC scenarios. For more information, visit

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