New Products

May 17, 2010
by Henry S. Kenyon, SIGNAL Connections

Biometrics Collection Device

Warfighters, law enforcement and homeland security personnel sometimes need to record personal information at checkpoints, crime and disaster scenes. BioTRAC is a ruggedized, portable identity management system designed to provide multimodal biometrics collection in the field. The system incorporates several biometric devices that can perform identity enrollment in less than two minutes. It includes four, high-resolution fingerprint sensors; a multifunction camera with a one- and two-dimensional barcode reader; and dual iris-capture cameras. In addition, BioTRAC features a smart card reader, Global Positioning System, a proximity card reader and wireless communications capabilities, including 3G, 802.11 and Bluetooth. Northrop Grumman Corporation created the system.


Compact Console System

High-density, high-performance command and control environments require monitors and systems that can be immediately accessible while staying out of the way. This modular console system features a monitor mounting system that allows users to modify sight lines and viewing angles quickly. The consoles include openings for data mounting plates and power outlets, double-panel doors designed to support a computer shelf or file/storage bin and a cable raceway and drop-down interior tray for additional cable management. The equipment is developed by the Winsted Corporation.

Compact RuggedBackbone

This family of compact utility-grade integrated layer 3 Ethernet switches and routers is designed to support mission-critical applications in harsh environments. The RuggedBackbone RX1500 family devices consist of modular, hot-swappable platforms that allow users to select a combination of DSL, cellular, T1/E1, DDS, serial and Ethernet options. The RX1512 model fits in a 5-inch x 6-inch x 7-inch form factor engineered for space-limited areas where routing and switching systems are required. For more information, visit

Rugged Notebook

Military and civilian government users working in remote areas often need powerful computing systems to support their mission needs. The TOPAZ family of rugged notebook computers is designed to provide users with workstation-class applications and mobile-server performance. The notebooks also support network connectivity at multiple security levels and interoperability with U.S. military computers and radios. For more information, visit

Software Separation Kernel

Running multiple programs and applications on a battlefield or in a rugged environment is a challenge. The LynxSecure 4.0 separation kernel is designed for secure mobile computing, enabling different operating systems to run simultaneously on a host computer. The software uses hardware virtualization to offer near-native performance across virtualized guests such as Windows and Linux operating systems. LynuxWorks developed the technology.

Thin Film Attenuator

Designed for use in a variety of communications applications, these thin-film 0805-size attenuators are packaged face down in tape for continuous mounting with pick-and-place machinery. Face-down mounting reduces reflection and enhances optimal performance to 20 gigahertz depending on the application. For more information, visit