New Products

July 15, 2010
By George I. Seffers, SIGNAL Connections
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Soldiers’ Wearable C4 Platform

The recently introduced FalconFighter is a modular, flexible system that links command, control, communications and computers devices, sensors, networking components and power modules into a centralized, wearable platform controlled by the individual soldier. FalconFighter is designed to accommodate products with open standards and interfaces—making it easier for the system to adapt to changing mission requirements and integrate emerging technologies. For more information, visit

European Sea Border Surveillance

The European research and development project SeaBILLA addresses sea border surveillance. The project complies with a European Union requirement for a shared common environment of relevant information for the surveillance and control of the European maritime borders. SeaBILLA aims to demonstrate the ability to enhance maritime border control through the net-centric integration of different kinds of surveillance systems, including Earth observation satellites, naval and coastal systems, unmanned or manned air vehicles, radar systems and passive sensors. For more information, visit

Vehicle Missile Shield

EoShield, a vehicle infrared countermeasure system, serves as a "soft protection" system against anti-tank ground missiles, EoShield disrupts second-generation anti-tank missiles and provides a 360-degree protection shield for a wide variety of vehicular platforms. EoShield operates continuously, without the need for any intervention of the platform's crew. The system does not require connectivity to missile warning systems, making it more cost-effective. It can interface within a comprehensive defense array, including additional threat detection systems, or be operated as a stand-alone system on the platform. Operating continuously and concurrently, the system can disrupt threats from various sources. It also maintains low-power consumption levels and is fixed, with no moving parts, providing better reliability. For more information, visit

Network Management Tools

A new line of software packages for the SatManage network management system integrate, monitor and automate hybrid networks and Network Operations Center-based applications, resulting in stronger network performance, faster response times and more secure communications. The product’s primary tools combine into a core software platform with five feature packages, making SatManage more readily accessible. Capabilities include a comprehensive range of visual correlation tracking tools and a centralized network-monitoring dashboard, which offers immediate visibility into network performance measures. For more information, visit