January 12, 2012

A computer scientist at Sandia National Laboratories has developed and deployed DNSViz, a visualization tool to help government and global network administrators better understand Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC) and troubleshoot problems. DNSSEC is mandated for all federal information systems. The tool offers a single graphical representation of the components that work together to enable DNSSEC to function properly. DNSViz actively analyzes domain name by performing pertinent DNS lookups. The tool is running on Sandia servers monitoring a list of 100,00 names and performing an analysis twice a day.

December 15, 2010
By H. Mosher

Back in October, AFCEA's Professional Development Center hosted a series of speakers talking about issues facing today's leaders. The Executive Leadership Series lives on in video form, as SIGNAL Editor in Chief Robert K. Ackerman spent a few minutes with each of the speakers prior to their presentations. The result is Lens on Leadership, six short videos in which each speaker shares wisdom from his or her area of expertise.