Display Technologies

March 1999
By Fred V. Reed

Consumers say goodbye to the mouse and keyboard, and let their fingers do the walking across computer screens.

Touch-screen technologies based on surface waves and improved resistive screen systems promise to increase touch-display durability, making these devices more useful for both military and general public applications. Although several current offerings provide users with the convenience of entering mouse-free computer commands, many have drawbacks that have limited their consistent, effective use. Two new approaches address these problems, offering additional options to current users and opening up potential applications in a variety of markets.

March 1999
By Edward J. Walsh

Pilots eye targets, then engage controls without looking down or maneuvering into firing position.

March 1999
By Mark H. Kagan

Novel twist on display technologies gives Army generators enhanced capabilities.

Two new types of flat screen displays are now being used in rugged military and commercial applications. The first type, which was designed for use on U.S. Army field generators, is an intelligent display screen that employs an innovative “transflective” design. This allows information to be easily read in both bright sunlight and darkness while requiring unusually low power inputs to operate.