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President: Gp Capt Thomas Ashbridge, Royal Air Force

Young AFCEAN Rep: Carla Knighton

Young AFCEAN Rep: George Rawlins

Young AFCEAN Rep: Fg Off Todd Lynes

Secretary: Sqn Ldr Darren Jones, Royal Air Force - Eng (CE)

Treasurer: Ms. Jean McLeish

VP, Membership: Mr Martin Edwards

TriCIS Ltd

Immediate Past President: Ms Jacqui Chard

Chapter Focus
The London Chapter is a mix of Military and Industry Members, with meeting attendance approximately 60% Industry and 40% military. The Military members are drawn primarily from MOD HQ in London, Air Command and PJHQ. The Chapter holds 10 monthly meetings a year with guest speakers from MOD / Government / Industry and Academia. The Chapter also runs a biennial full day Cyber Conference, an annual Corporate Networking Reception and an annual Cyber Dinner. Purpose of AFCEA London Chapter: 1. Improve the knowledge of our members and improve their decision-making by exposing them to the most modern innovation in the field of digital communications, cyberspace, information, and computing. 2. Introduce our members to innovators, leaders and policy-makers in the above fields (and associated areas) through hosted talks, networking and social events. 3. Provide the UK Defence Enterprise with an 'honest broker' that is able to facilitate a wide range of activities to achieve the above, working with other similar associations, institutions, worshipful companies and Defence bodies. 4. Champion the adoption of disruptive technology and behaviours in the UK Defence Enterprise that will stimulate the development of game-changing and asymmetric military capabilities, through a programme of: talks, lectures and visits; that focus on future innovation and where appropriate articles in relevant journals. 5. Encourage new young-member interests groups to develop under the AFCEA London banner and provide them with the support to investigate and brief on their areas of interest.

AFCEA Events Calendar

London Chapter Monthly Meeting London Chapter
10/07/2021 IoT, Cyber
Location: 7 Moor London Riverside, London SE1 2RT, London, United Kingdom
London Chapter Virtual Meeting London Chapter
10/21/2021 AGM
Location: Virtual, London, United Kingdom
London Chapter Virtual Meeting London Chapter
11/04/2021 TBA
Location: Virtual, London, United Kingdom
London Chapter Virtual Meeting London Chapter
12/02/2021 TBA
Location: Virtual, London, United Kingdom
UK West Chapter Monthly Meeting London Chapter
12/09/2021 TBA
Location: Brickhampton Golf Club - Cheltenham, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

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