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President: Joaquin Correia

Executive Vice President: Scott Jarkoff

Treasurer: Richard Chuckrey

Chapter Focus
"Konnichiwa" ("Hello") from the Tokyo Chapter of AFCEA. The Tokyo Chapter is AFCEA's focal organization for professional communications, electronics, intelligence, and information systems organizations in Japan. The Chapter's primary focus is to bring together IT professionals from the US Military Forces stationed in Japan, American businesses operating in Japan, the Japan Self Defense Forces and Japan's IT industry. Our chapter is strategically located in the world's #2 technology center of Japan and allows us to bring in experts from a wide spectrum of the IT world to share formation. Our other primary goal is to promote technology development in our community by offering scholarships to anyone pursuing higher education in a technology field. Chapter activities include conducting monthly meetings, usually at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo; conducting quarterly meetings at Yokota AB, Camp Zama, Yokosuka Naval Base, and Atsugi Naval Air Facility; hosting the premiere annual Asian/Pacific TECHNET in Tokyo, bringing in senior leaders from both Industry and Government, and an IT training day on the last day; hosting an annual golf tournament; and conducting membership drives at local fairs.

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