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President: Brigadier General Armin Fleischmann


Young AFCEAN POC: Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Michael Buech

CGI Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG

Chapter Focus
The Bonn Chapter continues to focus on German military's C4ISR, Cyber, and homeland security issues. In addition, digitalisation of government and artifical intelligence become more important and are reflected in the annual program. An outreach to the Ministry of Interior and to the Federal Police in order to cover topics of their interest with regard to IT and Cyber has been established. The Chapter hold evening seminars in Bonn and Berlin, a Technical Exhibition and Symposium in Bad Godesberg, an IT Symposium in Koblenz, luncheon symposia in Bonn, Young AFCEAN symposia in Bonn, Young AFCEA Speaker nights in Berlin, an eGovernment Business Administration Symposium in Bruhl and a General Assembly in Cologne. Increasing the number of Young AFCEANs as well as female members in the Bonn and Berlin region and performing more events in Berlin are persistent goals of the Chapter. The chapter works closely with MoD (Cyber Branch), the Commands of all six German military services (in particular Cyber Command), other agencies such as the Armed Forces procurement office and the IT management agency. It established a partnership with the Armed Forces Association and maintained its long-standing partnership with the national IT Industry Association. It fostered its close relationship with academia and research institutes (Fraunhofer). Overall the chapter succeeded to improve its operations referring to the needs of the Armed Forces and beyond in a compliant way and to increase membership.

AFCEA Events Calendar

InfoV Young AFCEANs mit Bitkom Bonn E.V. Chapter
10/08/2020 ¿Erschließung von Interoperabilität durch innovative Kollaboration¿
Location: Berlin, Germany
Technologie ¿ Forum Bonn E.V. Chapter
10/29/2020 "Aktuelle Forschungsthemen¿
Location: Fraunhofer FKIE, Wachtberg, Germany
AFCEA Mittagsforum Bonn E.V. Chapter
11/13/2020 Informationsüberlegenheit in der aktuellen Lage gewinnen
Location: Bonn, Germany
AFCEA Fachveranstaltung Bonn E.V. Chapter
12/07/2020 Nutzung von KI im Führungsprozess ¿ Sachstand und Perspektiven
Location: Fraunhofer FKIE, Bonn, Germany

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