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President: Paul Wertz

SherpaWerc LLC

Executive Vice President: Shane Strickland

Vice President: Patricia Geisler

Secretary: D'Joane McCorkle

Treasurer: LTC (Ret) Dan Swacina, USA


Treasurer: Mr. Johnnie Young

Federal Reserve Atlanta

Women Outreach Leader: Patricia Giesler

VP, Awards: Kathleen Swacina

VP, Awards: Jeff Evans

VP, Awards: David Landry

VP, Education: John Kauffman

VP, Education: Linda Johnson

VP, Enlisted Affairs: Tamekia Foley

VP, Membership: Lauren Wingate


VP, Membership: Mr. Tom Galligan

VP, Programs: Colt Whittall

VP, Programs: Shane Strickland

VP, Programs: Peter Cresse, USAF

VP, Programs: James Azar

VP, Public Relations: Jennifer Walker

VP, Public Relations: Karin Zalcberg

VP, Small Business: Marilyn Jackson

VP, Small Business: Karin Zalcberg

VP, Small Business: Patricia Giesler

VP, Women in AFCEA Outreach: Kathy Swacina

VP, Young AFCEAN Affairs: Brett Stroney

VP, Young AFCEAN Affairs: Blair Tighe

VP, Young AFCEAN Affairs: Blair Tighe

VP, Young AFCEAN Affairs: Brett Stroney

Webmaster: Brian Daly

VP, Sponsorships: Julie Goetz

TEK Systems

Chapter Focus
AFCEA-Atlanta serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan region to include Dobbins ARB, Clay Air National Guard and Georgia Army National Guard Centers, the busiest international airport in America, 39 counties, dozens of Federal and State organizations, hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, and 6.1 million people, making it the 9th largest city in the US. The Chapter is working on an active collaboration with local Federal Agencies, Academia and Corporate partners to develop an active ecosystem of thought leadership and action in pushing the envelope forward. The Chapter gives back to the community providing Teaching Tool Grants, awarding scholarships to promising local college-university students, inciting brilliant students with recognition at county/state science fairs, hosting small business industry days, offering critical support to the USO at Hartsfield-Jackson AP during R&R flights and, hosting monthly luncheon-networking events featuring speakers from the region's most influential Federal agency-industry organizations. Our vision is to expand our chapter membership. A critical focus area will be the growth of our Emerging Leaders core. We are working hard to hold the national Homeland Security Conference-Critical Infrastructure in the Atlanta Metro area. The student chapter in North Georgia University is up and running with events scheduled. Most importantly, we are striving to make being a member of AFCEA-Atlanta a rewarding experience for our chapter members.

AFCEA Events Calendar

October 2021 BOD Meeting Atlanta Chapter
Location: Web
November 2021 BOD Meeting Atlanta Chapter
Location: Web
December 2021 BOD Meeting Atlanta Chapter
Location: Web

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