AFCEA chapters around the world

VP, Special Activities: Brad Barnhart

Staff Director: Harrison Breuer

Executive Vice President: Charles E. Brice

Osi Vision, LLC.
Symposium Committee Chair: Tony Burris

Assistant VP, Programs: Hollis S. Cantrell

Two Six Technologies
VP, Membership: Shawn M. Cressman

Semper Valens Solutions, Inc.
Leader: Brandon Glaser

Secretary: Karin Grace

M2 Technology
VP, Corporate Affairs: Jason T. Hall

Red River
Treasurer: Dave S. Henderson

Osi Vision
VP, Community Outreach: Jeffrey B. Kendall

President: Christopher Kinne

Immediate Past President: Richard A. Lipsey

VP, Scholarships: Chris Lyon

LGS Innovations
Leader: Kanakaokekai Namauu

VP, Emerging Leaders: Justin Newell

VP, Military Affairs: Brianna L. Oberg

Staff Director: Carolyn Price

CMP Management
RVP: Bill Robinson

Tri-Stag Consulting LLC
VP, Diversity: Karen L. Rolirad

Assistant VP, Programs: Zachary W. Stanley

VP, Publicity: Szu-Moy Toves

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