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San Diego Chapter VISIT WEBSITE
Executive Vice President: Linda L. Alvarado

Executive Vice President: Matt Beekman

Systems Technology Forum, Limited
Immediate Past President: Gary Brister

Exceptional Employees for Exceptional Results
VP, Special Activities: Matthew Carabia

Metronome, LLC
Secretary: Samantha Cooper

Symposium Committee Chair: Vonette Craig-Parker

Systems Technology Forum, Limited
Leader: Delaney Foster

Insight Global
Awards Chairman: Peter M. Gamerdinger

Centurum, Inc.
Young AFCEAN POC: Emily Gwozdz

Leader: Gloria U. McKearney

Leader: Terry McKearney

The Ranger Group
Leader: Tim Miller

ProSync Technology Group
Leader: Carl J. Mills

CaVU Consulting, Inc.
Webmaster: Robert A. Morgan

Leader: Ana Olson

Booz Allen Hamilton
VP, Programs: Steve Rasmussen

BAE Systems
VP, Small Business: James P. Roe

Brainchip Ai
VP, Operations: Stephanie L. Sanchez

XSite LLC.
VP, Community Outreach: Elizabeth W. Sibley

Semalinks LLC
Leader: Jeff Summerhays

Leader: Scott Tait

UC San Diego National Security Innovation Catalys
Leader: Andrew Thorp

President: Jack Turner

VP, Membership: Shaelyn Washburn

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