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President: Maria Dolores Santos Vidal

VP, Technology: Robert Vargas

Cyber defense

VP, Technology: Byron Illapa


Assistant Secretary: Jeimy Chicaiza

Secretary: Valentina Almedia Terán

Treasurer: Luis Recalde Herrera

Women Outreach Leader: María Dolores Santos Vidal

First Vice President: Carlos Rodriguez Arrieta

Second Vice President: Patricio Salazar Benavides

VP, Communications: Sandra Espinosa

VP, Education: Carlos Rodríguez Arrieta

VP, Intelligence: Patricio Salazar

VP, International Affairs: Rosalía Arteaga

593 997100334
VP, Membership: María Dolores Santos Vidal

VP, Military Affairs: Humberto Gómez

VP, Military Affairs: Mauro Argoti

Security Defense / Risk Management

VP, Small Business: Andrés Villarreal

VP, Strategic Initiatives: Patricio Salazar

Director of Planning and Strategic Management

Staff Director: María Dolores Santos Vidal

Staff Director: José Luis Saltos

Coordinador Regional COSTA

Staff Director: Grace Unda

Coordinador Regional INSULAR O GALÁPAGOS

VP, Young AFCEAN Affairs: Lenin Antonio Barrionuevo

Councilors: Diana Sanabria

Councilors: María Victoria Proaño

Councilors: Juan Carlos Fondevila

Councilors: Sandra Espinosa

Councilors: Roque Moreira

Councilors: Bruce Schulte

Volunteer Coordinator: Diana Vélez

second vice president support

Volunteer Coordinator: Santiago Pulgar

Treasurer support

Volunteer Coordinator: Joyce Castro

Administrative assistant

Volunteer Coordinator: Gómez Humberto

first vice president support

Chapter Focus
The AFCEA Ecuador chapter is dedicated to promoting a culture of digital transformation within the military, government, industry, academia and community sectors with the support and assistance of AFCEA International. As the chapter moves into the future, it will pursue a mission of strengthening academic and scientific development in the fields of information technology, intelligence, communications, national defense and security and technological innovations in the community.

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