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AFCEAN of the Month, April 2024

Mike Lennon, AFCEA Rockbridge Shenandoah Chapter
Mike Lennon
Mike Lennon

Mike Lennon is a charter member of the AFCEA Rockbridge Shenandoah Chapter. He’s also the chapter’s small business director and liaison to the AFCEA International Small Business Committee, of which he’s been nominated to serve as a full member.

Lennon has actively recruited sponsors and new members for the chapter and promoted local small business interest in AFCEA through participation in local Chamber of Commerce events, serving as a judge for the Regional Science Fair and expanding the chapter’s network of regional small business contacts. He has been extremely successful in leveraging his veteran-developed contacts, leading to the participation of other veteran-focused groups in chapter activities. 







He personally funded two IT Scholarships awarded last year and suggested that these scholarships be named in honor of two local heroes who died during combat actions in Afghanistan. This recommendation was unanimously accepted by the chapter and embraced by the community.

Lennon researched and developed an Industry Advisory Board (IAB) with another local nonprofit organization, The Advancement Foundation (TAF), a small business incubator for startups in the local community. TAF developed the Virginia Innovation Accelerator (VIA) and has successfully overseen the development of several local small business startups.

Lennon negotiated and co-authored the IAB charter with TAF/VIA and is developing the objectives of the IAB as well as reoccurring annual events in support of the charter. In October 2023, he coordinated and developed a business-cybersecurity-community-education social networking event with VIA and AFCEA working together. This event drew about 65 attendees and served to engage and foster relationships with industry, STEM interests, academia and entrepreneurs while also promoting student internships/job opportunities and workforce development locally.

Lennon’s efforts have benefited local and regional area development of small businesses. His unwavering commitment to AFCEA, veteran causes and small business development has been a hallmark of volunteer success for AFCEA and the community. In addition, Lennon was a finalist for the 2023 Virginia SBDC Network Veteran Small Business of the Year award.

Lennon is a retired second-generation U.S. Marine, having served from 1978-to 1998 as an enlisted infantryman, then as an attack helicopter pilot, finishing up his career in information systems.  

In recognition of his time, effort, service and support to the chapter and the association, AFCEA proudly names Mike Lennon AFCEAN of the Month.