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Chenega MIOS Wins Trendsetter Award

Chenega MIOS (military, intelligence and operations support) has been awarded the AFCEA Trendsetter Award.

Chenega MIOS (military, intelligence and operations support) has been awarded the AFCEA Trendsetter Award. The Trendsetter Award is a membership spot award to recognize a company who found an innovative way to leverage AFCEA that resulted in significant growth to AFCEA’s member base.

Chenega MIOS is a shared services division of Chenega Corporation. The company purchased a total of 10 corporate memberships, which prompted the AFCEA corporate membership team to create a multiple membership bundle for them. Because the company is a sustaining member who purchased nine or more memberships for wholly owned subsidiaries, the group received a 10 percent discount on all new memberships.

The corporation’s MIOS strategic business unit (SBU) provides innovative solutions for federal, U.S. Department of Defense and commercial customers around the globe. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Lorton, Virginia, it is the leading Alaska Native Village Corporation in the government services marketplace.

Chenega MIOS has a growing portfolio of 8(a)s, SDBs, graduated 8(a)s and non-8(a) commercial and international companies. The MIOS SBU provides standard business services to these wholly owned companies of Chenega Corporation and assists in the management of contracts with a net value of more than $600 million.

“This Trendsetter Award is exciting!” says Tina Jordan, AFCEA’s vice president of membership. “The Chenega Corporation has created a scalable infrastructure to bring small business ingenuity, agility and cost effectiveness to the government contracting community.”

Chenega MIOS companies have a long history of attending several AFCEA trade shows throughout the year. “Our initial attraction was discounted registration and exhibit fees for these shows, but we have found a great deal of value in providing memberships for our employees to take advantage of AFCEA’s educational opportunities as well,” says April Elnagdy, marketing manager, Chenega MIOS.

“As Chenega Corporation’s largest and most diverse strategic business unit, MIOS hopes to amplify our brand recognition in the industry with the notoriety and credibility that being an AFCEA sustaining member brings to an organization,” says Elnagdy. “We look forward to engaging with other thought leaders and assisting our nation’s armed forces in meeting their mission critical goals.”

To find out more about how to become a corporate member of AFCEA, visit www.afcea.org/site/CorporateMembership or contact Katie Helwig, director of corporate development, at khelwig@afcea.org.