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Contract Awards on SIGNAL Scape

As promised, we have a new feature on SIGNAL Scape as of this month. Robert K. Ackerman, editor-in-chief of SIGNAL Magazine, describes the logic in moving the Business Bytes column to the web in the July issue's "Behind the Lines":
Compared to a monthly paper publication, the Web offers a huge advantage in timeliness. One of the first additions to the enhanced Web site's news center comes directly from the magazine. Loyal SIGNAL readers who have perused the Business Byte column no longer can find it on paper-it has migrated to the Web site as Contract Awards under SIGNAL Scape. This change makes sense in terms of timeliness and relevance, because instead of learning about a contract two months after its award, readers now can see it on SIGNAL Online within days of its announcement. Web hot links connect readers with more information from the source of each contract announcement.
The Contract Awards section of SIGNAL Scape is edited by Katie Packard, SIGNAL Magazine's Assistant Editor. You can access the Contract Awards section directly here, or subscribe to the section's feed with this RSS link. Please note that the contract awards are not included in the regular SIGNAL Scape feed.