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Deadline Approaching: Women In AFCEA Mentorship Program

In an effort to guide driven and talented women through the dynamic world of the defense industry, AFCEA International’s Women in AFCEA has recently launched a mentorship program, with applications due by March 1. 

Spearheading the program is Shandi Perkins, CEO of Candence Coalition LLC and member of AFCEA International.


“As a woman who has dedicated my career to the DoD industry since high school, I fully understand the challenges of navigating a male-dominated space,” Perkins told SIGNAL Media. 

“Looking back, I strongly believe that having more female mentors would have greatly benefited me in my professional journey and in balancing the responsibilities of being a working mom.” 


The program has identified 12 female mentors within the Department of Defense, who are passionate leaders, counselors and advisors. Each mentor will be paired with an up-and-coming mentee to best support and empower them in their career development. The pairing decision will be based on area of focus and future professional ambitions. 


“Together, we will build a supportive community where we lift each other up and pave the way for future generations of women to follow in our footsteps,” Perkins stated. 

Aimed to serve as an alliance and support system, the mentorship program will help individuals grow personally and professionally. Mentors will lead mentees with empathy, vulnerability, transparency and confidence. 

Read more about AFCEA’s newest program, find the full list of mentors and apply to be a mentee.