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From the Desk of AFCEA’s Cyber Committee, April 2024

Committee Corner Achieving Zero-Trust Architecture: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

The title of this white paper written by members of AFCEA’s Cyber Committee draws from a quote from the famous marketing guru, Peter Drucker. The implementation of zero-trust architecture (ZTA) requires a fundamental cultural change among and within different government agencies.

ZTA is often described as more of a cultural challenge than a technical one. According to white paper authors, unfortunately, as is well documented, the public sector accepts change slowly, which is a problem in this era of rapid technological change.

Reasons for these delays can range from a lack of expertise to the lack of resources or even regulatory compliance. Even more worrisome is the reluctance by those who enact and enforce public policy to accept and regulate that change. The result is technological changes at a 21st century speed while public policy evolves at a 19th century pace.

The committee’s white paper highlights the cultural implications of ZTA, considering the many years of evolving the penultimate security architecture across the government, and emphasizes the various incremental and interdisciplinary changes needed to achieve its ZTA goals. Just as the threats to national security have evolved—and continue to evolve—experts must support change goals, knowing the need to change perspectives is a significant part of the transformational process.


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