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From the Desk of the Associate Publisher and Chief Knowledge Officer

Committee Corner

Happy New Year AFCEANs! Thank you for your membership and for being loyal SIGNAL readers.

As a membership-based association, AFCEA International is rooted in providing value to its members and the communities we serve. One way to meet that mission is via AFCEA’s committees, groups of volunteers from the public and private sectors who help set AFCEA’s outreach and ensure open lines of communication between the government, academia and industry.

The esteemed members of AFCEA’s committees—cyber, homeland security, intelligence, small business and technology—develop strategies and programs and write white papers addressing challenges and recommending solutions to shore up national and global shortcomings. These experts meet regularly also to help set the direction of and develop content for AFCEA’s flagship events and to assist AFCEA in recognizing established and emerging achievements in the various communities by evaluating award nominations and writing submissions and grant/scholarship applications.

One way to stay informed of the various committees’ progress and products is to follow this monthly column in SIGNAL Media.

Additionally, in 2023, we launched AFCEA Solutions, a combined effort to better showcase our committees’ thought leadership and work via enhanced distribution efforts and SIGNAL Media’s successful webinar program. The combination of these elements creates a powerhouse for knowledge distribution—helping AFCEA provide a forum for discussion and disseminating educational material for stakeholders’ current and future IT needs. 

From advising on events, writing white papers and featured articles in SIGNAL Media and recognizing community leaders, AFCEA’s committee members volunteer to help identify threats, strengthen AFCEA’s various roles and alleviate risks as a first of many steps toward the goal of meeting partner mission-critical needs.


—Sandra Jontz