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From the Desk of the Small Business Committee, May 2024

Committee Corner

For small businesses in the defense, security and technology arenas, AFCEA International acts as a lighthouse, guiding through industry complexities. Central to this guidance is the Small Business Committee (SBC), a cornerstone of AFCEA’s mission to empower, connect and expand small business capabilities at international and local tiers. The SBC’s commitment to small businesses is profound, providing a fertile ground for growth, offering access to tailored resources and opening vital networking opportunities for potential strategic partnerships. AFCEA serves as a bridge to government and industry leaders, with the SBC enabling small enterprises to engage in those meaningful dialogues.


The core of the SBC is to facilitate the creation of enduring partnerships and relationships. Involvement in SBC activities places small businesses at the vanguard of technology discussions, offering them a stage to share their solutions with prospective partners, collaborators and buyers. With Katie Helwig, president of Mild Red LLC, and Thomas Perry, president & CEO of VG Systems, at the helm, the SBC is gearing up for an impactful 2024. Their combined expertise has invigorated the committee’s endeavors, further enriching AFCEA membership for small businesses. With leadership in place, the SBC is staged to expand its influence and foster initiatives to drive innovation and cooperative business growth.

Corporate members interested in joining the SBC may apply this summer. Please contact Bo Inscho for more information.

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