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Experts Release Tips on Cybersecurity

(ISC)² is offering a series of tips to educate the public for National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, (ISC)², a nonprofit that educates and certifies information security professionals, is sharing a series of weekly security awareness tips. The series will include tips for more secure software as well as advice targeted at conference attendees, parents, teachers, senior citizens, homeowners and CEOs.

The first set of tips provides guidance for conference attendees, including:

  • Before leaving for a conference, remove any common “known” networks from your mobile devices. Hackers will attempt to use common saved network names to attempt to get your phone to connect to their rogue access point.
  • Use your own phone charger when connecting to mobile device charge stations. Attaching your mobile device to an unknown USB cord could give unauthorized access to the data on your device.
  • Be wary of vendor giveaways. Be especially careful with items such as free USB storage devices, as they could carry malware.