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Industry Must Share Cyber Intelligence Among Itself

While government and industry wrestle with issues of sharing cyber intelligence, different private sectors face an equally difficult—and important—task of information sharing among themselves. Many face similar threats, and their survival against cybermarauders may depend on how well they share threat knowledge.

Information sharing is a major discussion point in the two-day AFCEA Global Intelligence Forum in the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. In a panel discussion, Robert Mayer, vice president of industry and state affairs at the U.S. Telecom Association, called for more cross-sector activity and engagement so that the industry sectors share more information.

“We in industry have a responsibility to bridge across the silos and create cross-connections,” he stated.

That will not be an easy task. Industry traditionally has been reluctant to share information with government; sharing with other sectors will raise similar concerns. Larry Zelvin, director of the National Cyber and Communications Integration Center at the Department of Homeland Security, cited a lack of clarity, with industry on information sharing. Many companies are fearful, he noted, and longtime cultural issues must be overcome.