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Marines Acquire Drone Controllers

AeroVironment’s Tomahawk product line has been awarded a $2.67 million contract from Advanced Technology International (ATI) that will be managed by the U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Lab. This contract supports the Marine Corps’ Force Design 2030 and other Department of Defense (DoD) initiatives of enhancing lethality and mission success across the warfighting functions.

Under the contract, AeroVironment will deliver prototype Tomahawk Grip Tab Active (Grip TA) controllers and supporting test kits, allowing the DoD to evaluate the technical capabilities for future operations. The controller, combined with the RAID System, provides a large screen meeting fire control requirements. 

“This controller will improve operator efficiency and unlock new use cases such as fire control and sensor-to-shooter,” said Scott Bowman, Tomahawk Robotics product line manager at AeroVironment. 

The Tomahawk Grip TA controllers will be part of the larger Kinesis Ecosystem that already includes 20+ robotic systems, various input devices and numerous AI-enhanced capabilities. This ecosystem enables multidomain, many-to-many operation through a single user interface.