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Sponsored: Federal IT: Increase Agility with Aruba Central, Now FedRAMP Authorized

Aruba Central is the only cloud-native network management system to achieve FedRAMP authorization.
By Dolan Sullivan, VP & GM of Federal, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

The rapid shift to telework and associated digital transformation brought on by the pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption across the U.S. federal government. Now the recognized cloud benefits of greater efficiency, accessibility and rapid innovation can be extended with confidence to include cloud-managed networks to support civilian and military operations.

Aruba Central is the only cloud-native network management system to achieve FedRAMP authorization. Governments, whether federal, state or local, typically have more stringent security controls and less tolerance for risk than the private sector, and the FedRAMP program improves confidence in cloud security and security assessments so that organizations can adopt cloud and minimize risk.

Manage Federal Networks from the Cloud

In January 2022, Aruba Central achieved a FedRAMP authorization level that’s intended to protect the confidentiality, integrity and assurance of critical information, the loss of which could cause serious or catastrophic damage. Sensitive information such as healthcare or other personal data are cited as examples.

Aruba Central is the only “all in one” cloud-native network management system to achieve FedRAMP authorization. The authorization covers wireless, wired and remote network management.

With Aruba Central, federal organizations can take advantage of a powerful combination of network management, with unified infrastructure, AIOps and edge-to-cloud security, combined with certified cloud security. IT can manage any size network from anywhere.

With Aruba’s unified infrastructure, IT operations teams gain context visibility and control across all network domains with ease and efficiency through a single pane of glass. AI-powered operations makes it possible to automatically monitor and fix network environments with Aruba AIOps so that issues can be predicted and addressed before they impact users. Issues, when they do arise, are resolved faster and with less manual intervention.

Aruba Central provides a built-in foundation for zero trust and increases protection without adding to network complexity. IT has the visibility, control and enforcement to address the requirements of a decentralized network infrastructure.

With the new FedRAMP authorized instance of Aruba Central, Aruba can continue support the mission of the U.S. government anywhere in the world, whether that is to support telework, a safe return to offices or mission command.

At Aruba, Secure Networking Is Our Mission

Aruba has long been a leader in delivering secure networking to all parts of the federal government. We are proud to enable secure mobility for military and civilian agencies, and FedRAMP authorization for Aruba Central reflects our continued commitment to highly capable, highly secure networking, as well as our confidence in our solutions.