TechNet Cyber 2023 Coverage

TechNet Cyber 2023 Coverage

A flagship event, AFCEA’s TechNet Cyber serves as a center of gravity for a whole-of-government effort to bring together the policy, strategic architecture, operations and C2— along with the joint capabilities—needed to meet the global security challenges and successfully operate in a digital environment.

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Securing Optical Networks in the Post-Quantum World

Optical networks are not immune to the threat posed by an increasing number of shady players. Optical link encryption has been used for years to protect data in-flight, but advances in quantum computing are getting close to creating a quantum computer that can crack current public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption. Your network traffic may already be compromised by an attacker that is storing your data waiting to crack it when quantum computing arrives.  Now is the time to act to protect your data. Nokia has developed a 400Gbps encryption solution that can be deployed today and cannot be cracked by tomorrow’s quantum computers. The solution integrates AES-256 encryption with a quantum safe key management solution – Nokia’s 1830 SMS. 

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In addition to the networking and hands-on opportunities to test out new technologies, AFCEA events are full of content. SIGNAL Media brings you not only comprehensive editorial coverage, but it also compiles additional media for you to view and share. 

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