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Technology Committee Applications for FY25 Now Accepted

Committee Corner: From the Desk of the Technology Committee

Applications now are being accepted for government and industry leaders interested in joining AFCEA International and its Technology Committee.

The committee consists of approximately 60 public and private/nonprofit sector information technology (IT) professionals who benefit from interaction with other technology leaders, networking with a broad and diverse spectrum of government, industry, academic and scientific experts, and reach-back into industry and academic resources, capabilities and thought leadership. The application deadline is August 10.

To be considered for membership, an applicant must:

  • Be directly involved with work and/or knowledge in technologies, policies, oversight and acquisition processes, operations, systems, applications, products and services and/or research as applied to providing management and solutions to government and/or private/nonprofit sector organizations.
  • Be a member of AFCEA International. (Note: Applicants do not need to be AFCEA members to apply. However, if selected, new committee members must become a member of AFCEA International either on an individual basis [$75 per year] or through a corporate or nonprofit organization membership).



As a membership-driven association, AFCEA is rooted in providing value to its members. The committee’s purpose is to enhance AFCEA’s outreach to the IT communities; cultivate partnerships among government, industry, academic and scientific leaders; and find solutions for the IT and related management problems facing government, military, industry and nonprofit sector leaders worldwide.

Each month, SIGNAL Magazine publishes a feature in the Committee Corner to highlight news
you can use from AFCEA’s various committees. Committee leaders should submit entries to sjontz@afcea.org.