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SIGNAL Executive Video: Enabling Information Dominance in Multi-Domain C2 Environments

In Thinklogical’s Virginia office, an Advanced Technology Concept Center (ATCC) displays its system across an array of monitors and blinking lights. Potential clients are brought in to watch information move from screen to screen in the mock command center, because “seeing is believing,” explains Paddy McAlpine, Thinklogical’s senior global military adviser. 

Thinklogical moves data across an innovative, highly secure, end-to-end signal management system. It works with information from all domains to allow for faster understanding of situations.  

With the Thinklogical system, commanders are not pulled to a physical place to receive different kinds of information. Data can be moved across a ship to get directly in front of the person who needs to see it, quickly and securely. 

“It's the ability to get what you need, when you need it, where it's needed, quicker and faster,” McAlpine said during a recent Executive Video with SIGNAL Media. “To deal with a situation quicker and faster than the enemy provides an advantage to the commander.”

Consoles using the system are highly managed with the ability to easily switch to relevant resources. With the ability to pull any necessary information, each individual monitor becomes flexible and multifunctional. The physical footprint of operator stations changes, with equipment stored in a separate, central location rather than in separate computers at the feet of the operator. 

“When you consolidate all your resources, you can leverage the resources better because you don't need a one-to-one relationship of all these different networks to every operator,” said Peter Henderson, co-founder and vice president of business development at Thinklogical. “So your efficiencies go up, your complexity goes down, your security goes up, total cost of ownership goes down.”

In our latest SIGNAL Executive Video Series, we learn how Thinklogical moves data across an innovative, highly secure, end-to-end signal management system.

Thinklogical systems are used across 14 classes of warships, within seven nations, by NATO headquarters, all U.S. federal combat commands, 60+ Air Force bases, and even more spaces across the intelligence community and civilian agencies.

The company’s solutions have a wide array of accreditations as the team seeks them out because of the company’s confidence in the technology, Henderson said. 

Security comes from the separation of the system from the content it is transmitting, agnostic about the network source. The system never touches the information and keeps its content isolated from each other. 

“The key to managing sensitive information is not to manage it at all,” Henderson said. 

The system can also easily handle moving information to people with necessary levels of clearance. If information is being handled in a secure room where the doors open, the entire system can go black at the touch of a button. 

“The trick here is that [a commander] has to get the right information, not just all the information,” McAlpine said. “We're trying to provide him the right technology, not more technology. And that's the trick here.”