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What Is JADO?

Credit: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff

Credit: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff

A Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO) vision will play a vital role in enabling the U.S. Defense Department to prevail over its adversaries. The key is synchronizing decisions and effects across all domains in a contested battlespace.

A JADO environment transforms data into actionable information, which is transported to an operator or automated decision makers to produce effects aligned in time and space. One of the DoD’s main challenges in realizing JADO is interoperability—the ability of sensors, weapon and other systems to exchange data in forms that can be understood across the network. Current data standards, however, pose a barrier to realizing JADO.

The solution is information flow across complex system of systems (SoS) and the facilitation of future technologies integrated at the SoS level. BAE Systems Intelligence and Security has the technology, products and incumbency to create a JADO environment. With over 20 years of innovating autonomy related technologies, BAE Systems is now integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to increase the ability to process mission-critical information at faster rates than humans can ever achieve.

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