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This Year’s 10 Most Viewed Articles

At SIGNAL Media, our writers aim to keep readers informed and aware of all emerging technologies and relevant news from around the world. Below are the top 10 articles you enjoyed in 2023. We thank you for your support and look forward to a strong year ahead.

1. Dead Bird Drones May Get Artificial Intelligence and 5G

Researchers at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology who have converted dead birds into flying drones are now considering the possibility of adding an array of technologies, including cameras, fifth-generation (5G) mobile and artificial intelligence. 

2. U.S. State Department To Provide Intelligence via Mobile Devices 

Within two years, U.S. diplomats will receive unclassified/official use-only threat intelligence through mobile devices. The move toward mobility is one piece of the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) broad technology modernization effort.

3. Army Cyber Command and Cloud Agency To Cooperate Closely 

Lt. Gen. Maria Barrett, commander, U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER), and David Markowitz, acting chief information officer for the Army, signed a memorandum of agreement April 28 that defines the operational and command relationship between the Enterprise Cloud Management Agency (ECMA) and U.S. Army Cyber Command to operate, secure and defend cloud activities. 

4. Building a Joint Fires Network 

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command is pursuing an initial joint fires network, a platform to connect sensors to shooters, explained Robert Stephenson, director for Communications and Information Systems and chief information officer for the commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. 

5. The Army Defines 'Radios-as-a-Service' Pilot 

For 125 years, since the first field radio was used by soldiers in the Spanish-American War, the U.S. Army has leveraged radio communications for tactical operations. The military service is now looking to harness radios-as-a-service, possibly freeing the Army, at least partly, from having to purchase and maintain radios. 

6. Special C3BM Air Force Team Takes on JADC2 

The Department of the Air Force's almost one-year old Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications and Battle Management (DAF PEO C3BM), led by Brig. Gen. Luke Cropsey, the integrating program executive officer, is positioning itself well to leverage industry solutions for joint all-domain command and control, or JADC2. 

7. Russia Versus Ukraine and the Role of Software-Defined Radios 

With the current war in Ukraine, it’s clear that Russia’s modernization program has involved electronic warfare and signals intelligence and played a huge part in Russia’s combat advances and overall positioning leading up to the actual invasion. 

8. Army Aims for Agile Acquisition 

The U.S. Army, including the various program executive officers (PEOs), are taking a variety of steps to apply the service’s digital transformation strategy to acquisition processes. Agile acquisition will ultimately allow the service to deliver better capabilities to soldiers more rapidly. 

9. Army Expanding Electronic Warfare Training for Every Soldier 

The U.S. Army is planning to expose every soldier, regardless of military occupational specialty, to electromagnetic warfare at their home bases. 

10. Army Studying Use of Strategic Offensive Cyber Tools at Tactical Edge 

The U.S. Army is about halfway through a 120-day study into the possibility of providing strategic offensive cyber capabilities at the tactical edge.