Cyber Committee


Members will be drawn from the public and private sectors to include government, industry and academia.  Government liaison members shall be appointed by government departments and agencies.  Other members shall be elected by the membership.  The President of AFCEA may also appoint directly each year up to five additional Committee members, based on the needs of AFCEA International.

  1. There will be no more than 40 and no less than 30 members from industry.  A balance should be maintained of large and small businesses representing the various disciplines in the industry (hardware engineering, software development, cyber security, communications, etc.).
  2. There will be no more than 10 and no less than five members from academia.  These can include both government and private academic institutions.
  3. There is no limit on the number of government liaisons, but a balance should be sought with the private sector.
  4. Members must:
    1. Be current members of AFCEA (desired but not mandatory for a government liaison)
    2. Available to participate in the activities of the Committee and have the support of their organization to do so.
    3. Be able to contribute to at least one discipline in the cyber community based on education and experience.
  5. Liaisons will be sought from government organizations active in the cyber community.  It must be clear to the government leadership that such government representatives will serve in a liaison capacity and have no governance role in the Committee. 
  6. Members will be sought from industry and academia from corporate members of AFCEA based on relevance to the Committee and to achieve balance in the membership based upon company type and discipline. 


The initial membership will organize and conduct an election process within 90 days of the establishment of the Committee.  The elections process will be described and added to this charter.

Membership Application
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