The U.S. government endeavors to deliver capabilities in a more responsive, agile manner, says Wes Caldwell, chief technology officer, Polaris Alpha. Government Embracing New Era Technologies

The evolution of hyperconverged infrastructure is maximizing the density of computing power, random-access memory and storage in these modern data centers, making it easier and more cost effective for providers to leverage and deploy applications and solutions.


The Internet of Things is a rising tide presenting major cybersecurity challenges. Fortify Networks Now Against the Coming Internet of Things Tsunami

Amid the Internet of Things hoopla, serious cybersecurity risks cannot be ignored.

Seeing Is Believing For Artificial Intelligence

Geospatial imagery as well as facial recognition and other biometrics are driving the intelligence community’s research into artificial intelligence.

Philippines to Receive Six ScanEagle UAVs

Insitu Incorporated, Bingen, Washington, is being awarded $7,407,625 for the procurement of six ScanEagle unmanned aircraft systems

Active-duty, Reserve and National Guard service members participate in exercises sponsored by U.S. Cyber Command. On Friday, President Donald Trump elevated the command to a unified combatant command. Photo: Chief Petty Officer Dennis J. Herring, USN It’s Official: President Elevates U.S. Cyber Command

The move, announced on Friday, could be followed by the command's separation from the National Security Agency.

Cyber attacks in the United States usually pass though universities or susceptible third-party infrastructure, explains Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye, a cybersecurity company. Cyber Intrusions Linked to Global Geopolitics

It took 18 years of responding to breaches before FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia made the connection, the former Air Force computer security officer revealed at a recent conference.


Defense Operations

The Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical Terminal, a Desert Storm-era system, could save lives on the modern battlefield, says the NETCOM commander.

Using commercial cellphones on the battlefield puts soldiers at risk of demoralizing and potentially deadly...