Intelligence Blog: Take This Cyber Czar Job and Shove It?

July 16, 2009
By H. Mosher

Joe Mazzafro, writing over at the MAZZ-INT blog for the AFCEA Intelligence community, explores the difficulty in finding a person who is both qualified and willing to be the new "Cyber Czar" :

To develop and implement an effective cyber security policy, common "DC wisdom" is that the Cyber Coordinator will need direct Presidential cover (i.e. access) and not report via the Deputy National Security Advisor for Terrorism with a dotted line to a counterpart on the Council of Economic Advisers. Of course, anybody qualified to be the nation's first "Cyber Czar" will know they are only a pretender to the government's real Cyber Czar - - - the Director of NSA (DIRNSA). NSA stands alone in understanding cyber space better than any organization on the planet and only it has the technical throw weight needed to immediately shore up America's cyber defenses. When DIRNSA is dual hated as the Commander of US Cyber Command in October the position will gain even more influence and authority related to US interests in cyber space.

Given these circumstances I just don't see many high profile personalities attracted to being the third or fourth choice for a position that lacks authority, reports to a Deputy National Security Adviser and must operate in the shadow of DIRNSA. What I do see, however, is an opportunity for a solid cyber professional who knows how to plan and get things done in government without being ego driven.

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