Video Beyond YouTube

October 2, 2009
By Henry Kenyon

YouTube may be a household name for people across the world, but other sites offer many of the same benefits with additional advantages. Video hosting sites continue to grow in number, offering YouTube alternatives with special focuses. Some cut through the clutter of dancing cats to cater specifically to business users while others pay their users or offer privacy features. Anyone looking to become a Web video phenomenon can find a site to suit his or her needs.


This Web site is dedicated exclusively to business videos allowing organizations to target internal, business-to-business and consumer audiences while retaining control of brand identity. Launched in September 2008, the site boasts 21,000 visitors each month and hosts thousands of videos from hundreds of companies. Use of the site is free for video posters and viewers. The eCorpTV platform supports approximately 20 different video formats, offers public and private viewing options and runs no in-stream or pre-roll advertising during videos. The site provides different ways to sort and search posted content including by company, channel, most recent, most viewed and recently featured.

MetaCafe strays from the beaten path of online video hosting, focusing on original content and entertainment. Not all submitted videos are posted. Instead, a community review panel of more than 80,000 volunteers looks at each of the videos submitted to the site every day. The videos are displayed when they meet specific criteria such as short-form. Short-form original video content is made for the interactive Internet. No full-length television episodes or movies are cut and posted piecemeal. Another feature of posted videos is entertainment, so no hard news, personal videos or Webcam chatter is included. Videos also are audience-driven with the posts being user-generated, user-selected, user-reviewed and user-rewarded. The VideoRank system identifies and exposes the most popular video by automatically gauging viewer interactions with posts. The "Our Producer Rewards" program pays video creators for the best original work as determined by viewers.

Motionbox offers a personal video service for sharing with specific individuals, not the general public. All videos remain private. A basic membership is free and includes storage, uploading and sharing of a limited number of videos; access to the online editing tools; and the ability to create DVDs, flipbooks and e-cards. The premium membership has a fee and offers extras including unlimited video storage, no restrictions on video length, high-definition and full-screen playback, recovery and download of original source video and the ability for friends to download high-quality copies of videos. Motionbox also powers video for Shutterfly Share sites and features a blog that helps keep users up to date with new features and happenings.

Revver is a video hosting site for people who have created videos and who want to earn money for their time and effort. The platform accepts posts without charge, then matches video content with targeted advertisements and tracks the videos as they move around the Web. No matter where the video ends up online or on mobile phones, the content provider earns a share of the advertising revenue. Revver also offers interactive options such as writing comments, posting video responses and building friend networks. The site includes customizable widgets, an application program interface, or API, for creating individuals' own Web-sharing sites and a WordPress plug-in for people who want to start their own vlog.

Daily Motion
This France-based Web site has an international flair with a drop-down menu that allows visitors to choose their country and then receive content tailored for their choice as well as read site information in the language of the chosen nation. Daily Motion also features a section called DM Kids, available through a link at the top left of the homepage or at All the videos are tailored for children and divided into categories for ages 3 to 6 or ages 7 and older. Daily Motion accepts videos on all manner of topics similar and separates them into various categories and channels. Users can share video publicly or privately, discover new videos through channels and tags and receive feedback on clips and creative work.

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Youtube is my favortie site to visit aside from facebook. most of the time i watched movie trailers and music videos on it.

Hi Karen,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We hope you enjoy some of these other sites.

AFCEA International has its own YouTube page ( that you can visit to learn more about topics important to the association.

Rita Boland

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