Blog: Cool App-titude: Apps for Buying Wine

December 1, 2009
By Katie Packard

It's the holidays-time to build up that stash of generic gifts for parties, both business and personal. A bottle of wine is always a nice gesture--unless, like me, you know nothing about wine. The following applications can help make navigating the world of wine a bit easier. For BlackBerry fans, the Wine & Food Guide can help users purchase a wine or select one to pair with a meal. It features sections for wine descriptions such as red, white and dessert wines, suggested wine and food pairings, and a wine glossary. It's available for purchase for $2.99 at For iPhone and iPod Touch owners, Hello Vino features recommendations for the wine novice as well as a question-and-answer option to narrow down the choices. There's also a searchable database of nearly one million wines. More information about Hello Vino is available on the Web site. It's available for free download from iTunes. These sites are not affiliated with AFCEA or SIGNAL Magazine, and we are not responsible for the content or quality of the products offered. When visiting new Web sites, please use proper Internet security procedures.

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Thanks for the mention, Katie!

You're not alone - most people don't know where to begin when standing in front of that intimidating "wall of wine" in the store. We're glad the Hello Vino app was able to help with a wine recommendation.


- The Hello Vino Team

You're welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

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