Send Deployed Troops Cigars

December 17, 2009
By Rita Boland

For several years Fumar Cigars has partnered with Blue Star Moms to send boxes of cigars to troops deployed in the Middle East. In collaboration with Oliva Tobacco, the company manufactures cigars with logos for all five branches of the armed forces. Anyone interested can sponsor a box, which will be matched one-for-one. The price to donate to a currently deployed warfighter is $65, and Fumar will cover the cost of shipping. Or, people can choose to donate a box to the five-times-a-year mass shipments for $50. Fumar now is teamed up with Jeff Bolton and SMOKE Magazine in the Sticks For Soldiers program, which also works to send cigars to deployed troops. For more Homefront Help items, check out this month's SIGNAL Connections.

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So lets give our troops health problems! Why is this a good thing?

Thanks for stopping by SIGNAL Scape and for your comment. I understand your point; however, I think it's important for the troops to have a little bit of luxury while they're deployed, and cigars often are considered a luxury. I'm sure the soldiers are welcome to decline the cigars if they choose. The important thing is that the soldiers know we remember them and appreciate them for all they do, however you decide to show your support.

One of the main items requested by the Troops is cigars. At the end of the day they wish to relax with brothers/sisters in arms and enjoy a fine cigar. At my nonprofit, I try and support all of the Troops needs that are in theater. If they ask for TP...they get sent that, if they ask for snacks..the same and also the same applies in the event that the want cigars. They are over in a combat condition, so I look at the fact that "who am I to make judgment on if they wish to smoke some cigars or eat a bunch of snacks, etc".

This company above is doing their duty to support our Troops....lets take it a bit easy on them.

Thanks for the comment, JJ--and thanks for all of your hard work to help the troops.

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