Blog: Cool App-titude: ICE (In Case of Emergency)

September 20, 2011
By Rachel Eisenhower

You may have heard the recommendation that each person should list one emergency contact in his or her phone under the acronym ICE (in case of emergency). But two apps take that advice to the next level: the ICE app for Android from Appventive and the ICE app for iPhone from Minute Apps LLC. The ICE apps allow you to store all your important emergency contact information in one location that first responders can easily access. Record vital information, such as blood type, date of birth, allergies, doctor's information and any medications you're taking. You can also program in multiple emergency contact numbers. In addition, the iPhone app allows you to store images of an insurance card, prescription card, driver's license and other necessary identification. The apps include an option to make the information available even when the device is locked. Download the app from the iTunes App Store for free or the Android Market for $3.99. These sites are not affiliated with AFCEA or SIGNAL Magazine, and we are not responsible for the content or quality of the products offered. When visiting new websites, please use proper Internet security procedures.

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