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DISA is organized and situated with the right leadership to take on the role as DoD's Shared IT Infrastructure and Cloud Services as suggested in the DOD CIO Cloud Strategy signed by Teri Takai. Yes, DISA will need to do better cutting overhead cost and should be the lead in implementing NDAA Section 804 directing use of Open & Agile Acquisition Methods. DISA will also have to start measuring the value of its suppliers and FFRDCs who are driving up data center costs because Title 10 gives agencies a real choice.

The Cloud Capability Broker could work if DISA were to partner with the Cloud Standards Bodies and Universities who could add transparency and objectivity to the selection process. There is a perception by most agencies that DISA will always favor their own offerings, and this must be addressed.

Another area where DISA could excel is in an early adoption of FITARA, creating an IT Acquisition Center of Excellence (IT-COE). DAU and IT-AAC signed an agreement to create the curriculum for IT Acquisition that could be incorporated into this work.