JIE Essential for Successful Military Operations

May 14, 2014
By Robert K. Ackerman
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The new information environment is a requisite, not merely an aspiration.

U.S. military forces will not be able to pursue operational goals successfully unless the Joint Information Environment (JIE) is implemented, according to a member of the Joint Staff. Lt. Gen. Mark S. Bowman, J-6, The Joint Staff, was unambiguous in his assessment of the JIE’s importance during his luncheon keynote address on the final day of AFCEA’s three-day Joint Information Environment (JIE) Mission Partner Symposium being held in Baltimore May 12-14.

“JIE is absolutely necessary for every future operation—and it doesn’t matter what that operation is,” Gen. Bowman declared. He elaborated that whether forces are warfighting or just training, the JIE will be the key enabler for success.

The general predicted that the next 500 days will see “irreversible progress” in the JIE. “Together we can make JIE a reality,” he declared. “We can’t kick it down the road.”

Gen. Bowman continued that previous efforts at a JIE began but fell by the wayside. That cannot be allowed to happen again.

“We had a requirement to have a JIE 10 years ago, and we ... missed it.”

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