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January 15, 2008

General Dynamics C4 System
Sectéra® Edge™ (SME PED)
The Sectéra® Edge™ converges secure wireless voice and data by combining the functionality of a wireless phone and PDA — all in one easy-to-use, ruggedized handheld device. Developed for the National Security Agency’s Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device (SME-PED) program, the Edge is certified to protect wireless voice communications classified Top Secret and below as well as access e-mail and websites classified Secret and below.


General Dynamics C4 Systems
8220 E. Roosevelt St, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Phone 781-455-2800; 888-897-3148

Harris Corporation


Harris Corporation Receives National Security Agency Certification for Falcon III Multiband Manpack Radio

 First Wideband Networking Radio to Receive NSA-Type 1 Certification

Harris Corporation has received certification from the National Security Agency (NSA) for its Falcon® III multiband, multimission manpack radio. The Falcon III AN/PRC-117G(C) is the first wideband networking radio to utilize the Software Communication Architecture (SCA) and receive NSA Type-1 certification for the protection of voice and data traffic up through the TOP SECRET level. First deliveries will be made immediately.

The Falcon III AN/PRC-117G(C) is a manpack companion radio to the JTRS-approved Falcon III AN/PRC-152(C) multiband handheld and AN/VRC-110 vehicular radios. The Falcon III family of software-defined tactical communication equipment is designed to advance the U.S. military's vision of network-centric warfare.

Background on the Falcon III AN/PRC-117G(C)
The Falcon III AN/PRC-117G(C) was specifically designed to host advanced government waveforms. The radio currently incorporates the Harris Advanced Networking Wideband Waveform (ANW2) for mobile ad-hoc networking. The ANW2 networking waveform provides secure IP data to the tactical Internet at on-air rates up to 10 Megabits per second (Mbps). This high data rate-joined with mobile ad-hoc networking, automated network establishment and maintenance, and integrated security-provides a powerful networking solution. In addition, the AN/PRC-117G(C) and its software-defined architecture offers interoperability with currently fielded radios, incorporating SINCGARS, Havequick II, and the High Performance Waveform (HPW), as well as MIL-STD-181B Tactical Satellite (TACSAT) capability.

The AN/PRC-117G(C) also utilizes the Harris Sierra II software-programmable encryption module, a reprogrammable cryptographic device that can be embedded in a variety of voice and data products for protection of information up to the TOP SECRET level. Sierra™ II is the cryptographic engine for several U.S. Type-1 radios, including the AN/PRC-152(C) multiband handheld radio.

Falcon III radios offer a 30 MHz to 2 GHz frequency range, an SCA-operating environment, significant processing power, and the ability to accommodate new waveforms for networking, TACSAT, commercial L-Band satellite, and public safety interoperability.

Microwave Radio

MRC’s new Summit is a Ku/Ka enabled one meter fully motorized auto acquiring portable satellite terminal with optimal features for present and future constellations. Vislink Group leading technology companies Advent and Microwave Radio Communications combined thirty-five years of radio frequency expertise to develop and deliver the most advanced, rugged and user friendly portable satellite antenna with military grade components and carbon fiber construction.


-Secure Voice, Video and IP Data Terminal for Remote Network Centric Communications
-Department of Defense – C4ISR
-Department of Homeland Security- Emergency Response and Border Patrol
-Satellite News Gathering and Broadcast

The Summit is manufactured and assembled in the United States and comprised substantially of US and Canadian components. The Summit is sold and serviced in conjunction with a network of value added resellers and integrators. The channel may offer installation, training and network operation control in addition to other services and solutions. Please visit www.mrcdefense.com/satcom or contact rhughes@mrcbroadcast.com for further detail.

Plant CML

VESTA® + Peabody
Delivering maximum situational awareness to today’s mission-critical call centers, PlantCML’s VESTA is a full-featured, JITC-certified CTI (computer telephony integration) console. It combines phone, radio, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), digital logging, MIS, GIS and multiple third party applications into a single desktop, enabling call takers to effectively manage critical and administrative communications. VESTA features easy touch-screen call control, an instant recall recorder (for immediate playback) and unlimited speed dial lists and paging. It is also highly flexible in design, accommodating extensive system/user configurations and addressing the call handling needs operations with centralized and distributed emergency communications centers (ECCs). Lastly, VESTA® provides the highest level of redundancy possible, ensuring critical communications go uninterrupted 24/7/365.

VESTA® also works in tandem with Peabody, PlantCML’s private enhanced database management solution. This allows operations with PBX or multi-line phone systems to easily control, maintain and/or utilize specific location information without additional costs or reliance on database services. With each call, Peabody automatically provides critical bits of information (e.g., extension locations, hazardous materials storage, approach instructions, etc.), further increasing the speed and accuracy of the response.

Together, VESTA® and Peabody from industry leader PlantCML are used in global Department of Defense operations for base security communications, fire prevention, command and control and more. To learn how these leading-edge call center technologies can benefit your operation, call 951.719.2100 or visit www.plantcml.com.


New VoIP Operator Stations
Quintron Systems announces two new operator stations for its DICES VoIP C2 interoperable voice system. These stations provide simultaneous access to multiple audio channels, including conference nets, phone, radio and public address circuits, via a user-friendly touch screen LCD interface. In addition, key-based priority codes can be assigned to facilitate multi-level secure voice access and control. 

The new stations offer innovative packaging options, including a small footprint desktop model (10”x6.5”) and a “thin client” design that provides a separate station enclosure (6”x6”x2”) that can be mounted remotely from a desktop touch screen LCD display unit.

Both of these stations provide all the many features inherent in DICES VoIP design: fanless SBC with solid-state hard drive for reliable and quiet performance, USB headset connections with full PTT operation, full VGA TFT LCD displays for excellent usability, and in-line AC power supply units for ease of connection. Performance and voice quality of these VoIP stations rival traditional designs, but at a much lower price point and with additional connection options using standard Ethernet networks (cabled and wireless). Lower power and higher long-term reliability support reduced lifecycle costs as well.

Visit our web site at www.quintron.com for more details on all the DICES product lines, or call for sales support at 805-928-4343.



SLICE 2100™ with TRANSip™
Integrated VoIP and TDM functionality in a single, 1U platform
SLICE 2100 is an integrated communications solution, offering a reliable, easily transportable VoIP for tactical and strategic applications.

Innovative TRANSip Technology
TRANSip technology integrates VoIP and TDM Call Management, Media Gateway Services, Media Gateway Controller, and other important features. TRANSip provides advanced VoIP communications while retaining compatibility with traditional TDM switching.

Fully Interoperable
SLICE 2100 is interoperable with the latest VoIP technology, satcom, analog or digital lines and trunks, and even magneto phones. A comprehensive solution for defense applications, SLICE 2100 offers legacy functionality, flexible and priority routing, data collection and protocol support.

VoIP and TDM Convergence
SLICE 2100 supports up to 1,000 IP subscribers, 2 digital spans (T1 or E1), up to 24 analog lines (depending on module) and 4 ISDN BRI lines and also supports multiple types of analog trunks. Its available V.150.1 supports secure VoIP interoperability. Two SLICE 2100s can be stacked to operate as a single system of increased capacity.

Supports Secure Communication
SLICE 2100 enables IP and TDM users to communicate securely via SCIP and V.150.1, and also connects multi-technology networks, facilitating secure communications between coalition forces.

For more information, visit www.redcom.com or call 1-585-924-7550.

Sycamore Networks 

Sycamore Introduces SN 9000 Intelligent Multiservice Switch


New Platform Empowers Mission-Critical Government
Communications with Edge-to-Core
Flexibility, Scalability, and Bandwidth Agility

Sycamore Networks, Inc., a leader in intelligent bandwidth management solutions for network operators worldwide, has introduced the SN 9000 Intelligent Multiservice Switch, an innovative new networking platform that addresses growing demands for flexible bandwidth capacity and service resiliency. The SN 9000 broadens the Sycamore portfolio of intelligent bandwidth management solutions and fully leverages the Company's expertise in building some of the world's largest carrier-class optical mesh networks. The platform brings important new functionality to multiservice switching – including unique bandwidth capacity licensing, service modularity, and any-service, any-port features – in a solution that is "right-sized" for applications in the 80-320 Gbps bandwidth range.

The SN 9000's non-blocking switch fabric provides distributed, tiered grooming that improves bandwidth utilization. High-density, multiservice aggregation empowers a range of bandwidth management applications for Federal and State governments, military and defense, and national and civilian agencies. With the ability to support rapid, end-to-end provisioning of circuit and packet services – in any network architecture and any topology – the SN 9000 extends bandwidth optimization to multiple network segments and service layers.

Available immediately, the SN 9000 is designed to cost-effectively integrate multiple functions in a single system. These functions include low-order (VT/VC) and high-order (OC-n/STM-n) switching, add-drop multiplexing, advanced Ethernet services, and integrated optical transport. Its systems architecture provides the foundation for a broad range of intelligent multiservice switching features and benefits:

  • Any-service, any-port flexibility simplifies circuit/packet service provisioning and smoothes network transformation from TDM to IP
  • Pay-as-you-grow bandwidth licensing reduces initial deployment costs without imposing fixed node or slot configurations
  • Diverse protection and restoration options – ring, mesh, and hybrid – deliver field-proven survivability in demanding network environments
  • Security architecture ensures communications integrity through secure channels, RADIUS authentication, strong encryption, and other security features
  • In-service scalability from 80 Gbps to 320 Gbps facilitates cost-effective expansion
  • GMPLS/ASON-powered intelligent optical control plane simplifies and automates provisioning and restoration processes
  • Common networking (BroadLeaf®) and management (SILVX®) software, shared by all Sycamore optical switches, delivers end-to-end intelligence to simplify the transition to network-centric operations

From multiservice access to the optical core, Sycamore intelligent networking products empower connections for some of the world’s most respected and innovative network operators. Field proven in mission-critical military and government networks, Sycamore solutions form a secure foundation for more efficient, net-centric operations and dynamic bandwidth management. Learn more at www.sycamorenet.com.

Ultra Electronics - DNE Technologies
Ultra-DNE's PacketAssure Service Delivery Manager Supports Transition Networks
Ultra-DNE's Packet Assure Service Delivery Manager provides the missing pieces in transition networks: the ability to field COTS equipment with tactical enhancements. PacketAssure offers the benefits of commercial solutions when and where it makes sense. Whether the application is legacy, video, or voice, or your transport is WiMax, wireless, or IP Modem, Ultra-DNE's PacketAssure provides assured services when and where you need them.

The PacketAssure Service Delivery Manager brings time-division multiplexing reliability to a network centric architecture. It brings together both IP-based networks and serial-based legacy networks into the new commercial-based transport architectures. 

Key offerings of the PacketAssure Service Delivery Manager:

  • Converts serial traffic into packets for transport across an IP network.
  • Polices converged traffic segments to assure that the high priority traffic gets through to its destination.
  • Allows low priority traffic to make use of additional bandwidth availability when higher priority traffic doesn’t need the bandwidth
  • Allows multiple traffic streams (both IPv4 and IPv6) to ride the same transport without the complexity or lost throughput of VPN or additional HAIPE devices.
  • Minimizes the jitter across a network resulting in much higher voice quality (secure and non-secure) and higher secure call completion rates.
  • Converts an aggregated IP uplink into a serial format for processing by NSA-approved type 1 Transec devices and back to Ethernet for transmission across an IP transport.

The PacketAssure Service Delivery Manager keeps voice sounding like voice, video looking like video and synchronous data over IP synchronized, regardless of what other users are doing on the network.


For more information, contact Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies at (203) 265-7151, Toll-Free at (800) 370-4485 or visit them on the web at www.ultra-dne.com/transition