New Products

February 15, 2008

Rugged Monitors
Monitoring visual data such as telemetry and video feeds under rugged conditions can be hard on both the equipment and users’ eyes. The RD2217 line features dual 17-inch SXGA monitors with an impact-resistant, laminated stack and scratch-resistant, low-reflectance cover glass. The monitors are designed to provide high contrast and low reflectance in bright environments. The dual displays and a small keyboard, trackball mouse and drop-down wrist rest are configured to lie flat for storage. For more information, visit

Electronics Backplane
Designed for military and aerospace applications, this six-slot 3U VPX ruggedized enhanced design implementation backplane (VPX REDI) provides high bandwidth in a compact size. The VPX REDI can be customized with multiple configurations for unique embedded, development, testing or measurement applications. For more information, visit

Modem Chips for Two-Way Radios
Maintaining wireless connectivity can be challenging for civilian and military users in rugged or urban environments. The CMX7031 and CMX7041 are two-way radio processors that offer half-duplex 4FSK modem functionality. The processors are suited for use in private mobile/land mobile radios and meet European Telecommunication Standard (ETS) 102 490 and ETS EN 301 166 or ETS EN 300 113 standards. For more information, visit

Diode Head Lamp
First responders sometimes have to work in confined, dark areas that restrict the use of handheld flashlights. The EOS II headlamp is designed to be worn over a hat or helmet. Its light emitting diode lamp provides 50 lumens of illumination with high, medium and low output settings. The lamp is waterproof and chemical resistant. For more information, visit


Secure Wireline Fax Terminal
Sending confidential data over public communications networks can keep security managers awake at night. The Séctera Wireline Terminal is certified by the National Security Agency and designed to disseminate information that is classified or sensitive via commercial fax machines. The terminal features a software upgrade permitting it to send and receive classified documents without the use of specialized fax machines. For more information, visit

Rugged Rubidium Oscillator
Advanced communications, navigation and targeting systems require precision oscillators that can withstand a range of operating environments without losing frequency accuracy or stability. The 8200 ruggedized rubidium oscillator is designed for use on ground tactical, shipboard and airborne applications. The device combines high frequency stability and low dynamic phase noise in a small, low profile package less than 1-inch high. For more information, visit

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