In what ways do today's leaders and employers need to change

Tech-savvy younger workers from Generation Y are accustomed to easy, speedy access to information. In the not-too-distant future, late Boomers and even Generation X workers will have to adapt to the ways that work force culture is changing as a result of this incoming generation's influence. Organizations are faced with the challenge to remain relevant, but must do so in a way that makes change a positive asset.

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Wrokers need to change their attitude toward work. I have seen too many workers in the past do very little, yet expect to be given pay raises, better jobs and other pats on the back. It is almost like they were doing you a favor just by showing up for work each day. If you said anything, they would go crying to upper management that they were being mistreated. Managers need to grow some backbone and make the tough decision, even though they might be unpopular. This could be anything from councelling one of their people to standing up for one of their people. I have seen too many bosses that did not have the guts to do his job, especially of protecting his people. Too many times they have gone along with upper management without speaking a work against it, even though they know it will be something bad for their people or for the organization in general. I guess they figured they were doing okay if they didn't 'rock the boat'. I have over 35 years federal service, split between active duty military and civil service. I have seen it both places, although I think I saw more of it while active duty.

I have to agree with the previous post from Dan. Workers need to realize that they are to do something to earn something and it is getting worse. When I was a Team Sergeant in the Army, I received a couple new troops from the latest generation; all they were worried about was "What's in it for ME? This has got to be one of my biggest pet-peeves. Then add on top of that "The new Kinder, Gentler Army" mentality. I just hope I can raise my children different from that mentality.
I would also like to see "Bosses" get more aggressive towards advancing products. Quit worrying about who is going to pay for the research and more on where do we go next? How do we beat our competitors? Let's cross the bridge before our competitors. We have built the best product in the market for years and are now considered legacy with no major products being looked into.
We also have a poor attitude towards customer support. ITAR is more important than our customers. After the bureaucracy is complete, the customer has no more information than what they started with.
Someone needs to "grow a backbone" as Dan put it. If not, I believe industry as a whole will implode and be ran over by the more aggressive foreign companies.