International Contracts

March 17, 2008

British to Define SOSI Framework
The U.K. Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded a contract for the System-of-Systems Integrator (SOSI) role on the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) program. The effort defines the framework for the SOSI’s ongoing position in the subsequent phases of the FRES program, which will provide the British Army with a new family of medium-weight, network-enabled armored vehicles. SOSI’s role is to drive the successful delivery of a coherent FRES capability. The integrator will provide expertise in the following areas: program management; system-of-systems engineering and integration; through-life capability and technology management; alliance development and supply chain management; and development of the MOD's SOSI competence. An initial six-month contract worth £4 million (USD $8 million) was awarded to Thales UK in partnership with the Boeing Company. The contractor team will be integrated into the MOD’s FRES project team to form an integrated customer team that will manage the delivery of FRES.

New Systems for NATO Defense
The navigation and localization system for NATO’s Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) program will be provided within the design and development phase. MEADS is financed jointly by a trans-Atlantic cooperative effort among the United States, Germany and Italy to develop an air and missile defense system that is tactically mobile and transportable. MEADS is designed for rapid deployment. The navigation and localization system supports the radars and launchers in the program. MEADS is scheduled to replace Hawk and Patriot systems worldwide and is aimed at protecting maneuvering forces and fixed installations against current and next-generation missile threats, unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft. Northrop Grumman Corporation was selected by MBDA Italia to provide the navigation and localization system. The corporation’s Italian subsidiary, Northrop Grumman Italia, will be responsible for the work. The MEADS program design and development phase began in 2004 and is managed by MEADS International, a multinational joint venture between MBDA Italia in Italy, Lenkflugkorpersysteme in Germany and Lockheed Martin in the United States.

Marines To Receive Laser Tools
Thermal Laser Spot Imagers (TLSI) with accessories and logistics support will be provided to the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command. The TLSI is an enhanced version of the AN/PAS-22 Long Range Thermal Imager (LRTI) augmented by incorporation of a laser spot tracker. The LRTI is a portable, binocular, handheld, battery-operated thermal imager used for long-range observation. Marines are currently using the tool. Personnel will use the TLSI to identify a laser spot that has been placed on a target as a guidance aid. Marines will be able to see the spot day or night and in adverse weather conditions. The TLSI works in conjunction with the Portable Laser Designator Ranger, which is also being supplied to the Marine Corps. Elbit Systems Limited’s U.S. subsidiary Kollsman Incorporated, was awarded the $26.5 million delivery order under a previous indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract. 

French Fighters Incorporate Precision Munitions and Weapons
Enhanced Paveway II dual-mode Global Positioning System/laser-guided precision munition and weapons integration will be provided for the French Air Force’s Mirage 2000D fighter aircraft. The French Air Force will receive upgrade kits to convert 500-pound Paveway II laser-guided smart bombs—already in use on the Mirage 2000D—into the more capable dual-mode GBU-49. A precision weapon, the GBU-49, has been employed by U.S. and allied forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The French military also has additional options for more Enhanced Paveway II systems if desired. The all-weather enhanced system is already in operational use on several other U.S. and NATO military aircraft including the French Navy's Super Etendard and has been used by the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force during operation Southern Watch and operation Enduring Freedom. Raytheon Company won the direct commercial sales contract worth $22 million.

Irish Contract Satellites to Keep Peace
The Republic of Ireland’s defense department has contracted for satellite system equipment, satellite capacity, training and network services for the Irish Defence Forces’ peacekeeping mission to Chad. The hardware and service bundle will provide the Irish Defence Forces' 400 troops with all of the elements necessary to rapidly establish broadband communication in even the most remote areas of the African country. The Irish troops will be part a 3,700 member European Union peacekeeping force. Half of the revenue from the initial contract remains and will be recognized over the next several months. After one year, the Irish Defense Department can renew the services portion of the agreement. Norsat International Incorporated, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, won the $1.1 million contract.

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