Small Business Benefits Big

April 15, 2008

The AFCEA Small Business Committee is sharing its valuable resources digitally, including podcasts of past meetings. Committee meetings, which occur monthly and comprise leaders from throughout the small business community, regularly include presentations by representatives from the U.S. Defense Department, federal government organizations or large corporations. Topics range from business practice guidelines to new procurement regulations and policies, and committee members have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with key leaders in government agencies.

For example, a recent meeting featured Carla Undurraga, a member of the Small Business Development Program at SAIC, who shared information about strategies to market services, products and solutions. Undurraga offered guidance about how to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. During another meeting, committee members explored nuances of recent legislation affecting the small business community with information presented directly from Dean Koppel, assistant director of the U.S.Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) Office of Policy and Research.

Visitors to the AFCEA Small Business Committee’s Web site can access presentation materials and photo coverage from recent meetings, as well as important SBA links, acquisition information and the inside scoop on upcoming events. By tuning in to the podcasts and simultaneously viewing the accompanying slides, site visitors can effectively attend any of the committee’s meetings—without leaving their desks—even if the meeting took place months ago.

To find out more about the AFCEA Small Business Committee, contact Tammy Goehring, member services and small business coordinator, at (703) 631-6119. To read a more detailed recap of the Undurraga and Koppel presentations, visit the AFCEA section of this issue.