Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Dan Callahan

This is a loaded question.  I do not mean to suggest that we should take advantage of another’s misfortune, even when it is the Department of Defense’s.  Real harm has been done by the Wikileaks perpetrators and the incident has certainly affected national security.  Alliances and perhaps lives, may be at risk in real ways.  However, my point in asking the question is this: the functionality offered by ‘insider security monitoring’ and role based cyber security has taken-on a new priority in the IC...and perhaps the entire federal government.  And so it should.  The implication is that in all federal agencies, big events (or screw-ups) typically precede big changes as well as big spending in certain categories. 


I’m not telling you anything classified.  This is common sense.  But the sixty-four million dollar question is this: what is your firm doing to respond with real solutions to real problems being encountered by the IC?  Well, if you happen to make, install, or sell this kind of technology, then your answer is an easy one.  If you don’t happen to sell this particular kind of solution, I would encourage you to find an identified problem and get to the one, two or three persons at each of the IC agencies who care about solving that particular challenge.  This is really hard, but worth it on the long run.  Laser focus always drives productivity.


Is your firm a services provider?  You’re gonna have to work just a bit harder at differentiating your personnel over your competitor’s.  Is it your firm’s ability to attract more skilled or experienced employees?  Do you have a methodology or a reporting technique that shines? Are your folks better trained or more proactive?  What makes your practitioners better and how does this support the overall mission of the agency? 


When this is communicated to the leadership of the agency, your firm will become a player.


Networking Update

Perhaps it me, but I have noticed an uptick in the opportunities to productively network in the intell community.  If this is not a priority for your firm, it should be.  Yeah, I know… it’s hard.  But there are a ton of public and private venues to get plugged into: AFCEA, NDIA, INSA, to name the obvious targets.  There are others that make sense like the USGIF, Air Force Association- Gabriel Chapter, IA-SBA, AFIO and others.  I have found others but I hate to give away all my secrets!


If you’re setting 2011 goals, this is a great place to begin.  Good hunting!