DISA 2011

August 19, 2011
By Max Cacas

There's a first time for everything. On the final day of the DISA Customer and Industry Forum 2011, a first-ever panel of the chief information officers from the four branches of the military provided industry representatives with a look at the challenges they face in providing enhanced digital technologies to the warfighter.

Pentagon CIO Teri Takai she began the panel by asking LTG Susan Lawrence, USA, chief information officer G-6 with the Army, to offer an update on the Army's migration to enterprise email. That migration was delayed this past Spring as Army IT dealt with unanticipated technical problems with the migration.

August 18, 2011
By Max Cacas

John Chambers, CEO of internet router manufacturer CISCO, told the DISA Customer and Industry Forum in Baltimore yesterday that "Collaboration will be the productivity tool of the next decade." Generally, its tough to anticipate what challenges and opportunities will present themselves five years from now, he continued.

Several years ago, for example, his company designed and built one of the first routers capable of handling one million telephone calls per second. In the first year, they sold only seven, with many people wondering what you would use such a device for. Five years later, he said, they had sold over 5,000.

August 16, 2011
By Max Cacas

Imagine, if you will, the head of the Defense Department's top IT organization, going from one exhibit hall booth to another at a trade show and saying "I need ideas!"

Lt. Gen. Carroll Pollett, USA, said that's just what he did Monday night as the 2011 Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Customer and Industry Forum opened its Technology Showcase at the Baltimore Convention Center.

DISA Director Pollett told reporters that he and his senior staff decided on what he described as a "shotgun start," on their first tour of the exhibit area.

"We just kind of worked the room, in terms of telling industry that we were interested in what they were doing," in the areas of digital communication technology .