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From the Desk of AFCEA's Technology Committee

Committee Corner

AFCEA’s Technology Committee recently formed four working groups to explore key emerging technology topics of interest to the AFCEA community. These technology areas are where the committee sees the biggest likelihood for significant impacts just over the horizon and are key focal points for current industry and government R&D funding.

  • Cyber IoT Deployment and Security
  • Data Validation and Integrity
  • Quantum Computing Applications
  • Supply Chain Security Concerns and Solutions

The four working groups are actively drafting educational pieces in various marketing channels (articles, white papers, webinars), all designed to culminate in an Emerging Technology Symposium in September 2023. The content will focus on laying out the current state of the art in each area and exploring potential solutions for common challenges in these technology sectors.

The Technology Committee is a volunteer group of technology leaders from industry, academia and government/military focused on exploring emerging technology topics, networking and giving back to the community. Committee members can participate through projects and events they lead and support. The committee facilitates networking, outreach and collaboration opportunities between and among government, industry, academic and nonprofit organizations to identify and analyze information technology and management needs in coordination with one another and discuss potential solutions.

Stay tuned to SIGNAL Media channels to learn more as the committee begins distributing content throughout the spring and summer of 2023.


Each month, SIGNAL Magazine publishes a feature in the Committee Corner to highlight news you can us from AFCEA’s various committees. Committee leaders should submit entries to sjontz@afcea.org.