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AFCEA Supports Cybersecurity Certification Maintenance and Acquisition Training

AFCEA Educational Activities

One of several ways AFCEA supports the professional development of those serving in the national security workforce is by offering events, classes and online training, which have been approved by CompTIA, GIAC and/or CertNexus for continuing education for cybersecurity certification maintenance. Those who maintain certifications according to the guidance provided by applicable certifying organizations can keep their certifications current and avoid the requirement to requalify by retaking the certification exams.

AFCEA’s Continuing Education (CE) program focuses on cybersecurity certifications required by the Department of Defense (DoD). Some of these requirements apply to not only government employees, including military, but also to support contractors who use or manage DoD networks or data.

AFCEA International and chapter events often offer sessions recommended for acquisition training, so check with your supervisor to determine which event might meet your training requirements.

Many AFCEA International and chapter event sessions have been approved by CompTIA, GIAC and/or CertNexus for continuing education. These sessions also may support ISC2, National Contract Management Association (NCMA), Project Management Institute (PMI), GAGAS and Defense Acquisition Workforce continuing education and/or certification maintenance requirements. In addition, attending approved continuing education for maintenance of a required cybersecurity certification can be considered by the DoD as a supportable reason to approve event attendance.

Often, AFCEA International event sessions approved for continuing education are recorded (usually audio only) and posted to YouTube for on-demand viewing.


continuing education offerings

In addition to the continuing education sessions at events, several approved SIGNAL webinars are available at afcea.org/signal-media/signal-media-webinars. The webinars can be viewed on demand, which is convenient when travel for event attendance is limited due to cost or schedule.

If you are interested in exploring further AFCEA educational opportunities, some of which support cybersecurity certification maintenance, we offer the following: Professional development classes, with a variety of cyber-related topics, where we send the instructor to you.  

On-demand courses, offered online to take at your own pace. Subjects include artificial intelligence, intelligence, communication, management, project management and leadership.

Preferred providers, institutions for higher education or certifying organizations who bring degree education, certificate training and certification opportunities at affordable prices to AFCEA members.

Remember AFCEA when looking for help preparing for and maintaining cybersecurity certifications. The online offerings are especially helpful when travel and on-site events are limited.

Membership matters!
Formal attendance documentation is often available for current AFCEA members and for continuing education pass holders who had attendance documented at applicable in-person, on-site sessions. For approved online sessions, AFCEA posts tips for preparation of attendance documentation in FAQ 04. https://link.afcea.org/CE